Bites by D specialises in filling a niche space in the catering industry, namely premium, different and flavoursome bite sized desserts. 

Making everything in-house ensures control over quality, consistency and reliability. 

Catering is the heart of the business and where it all started!

Private Catering

Bites by D can work with you to design a menu to suit any occasion.

The process followed to deliver the best outcome includes consideration of the type of function, the number of people attending, size of desserts, flavour combinations. 

Desserts can also be customised to suit your theme to create a personal touch.

Patisserie style savoury options can also be discussed to compliment dessert selections. Choose from our catering menu or should you wish to discuss customised orders please send enquiries via our private cateringi nquiries/order form or contact us by email.

Corporate Catering

From Boardroom lunches, to conferences, staff functions or product launches Bites By D can make any corporate event stand out by customising desserts using your existing logo and colours. 

This is a fantastic way to make a statement with existing and potential clients for important meetings or conferences. 

Choose from our catering menu or should you wish to discuss customised orders please send enquiries via our private catering inquiries/order form or contact us by email.

Catering Menu

Catering Guide

  •  Minimum Orders. There is a minimum order requirement of 10 per flavour for petit gateaux, cupcakes and dessert bites, 12 per cupcake flavour (or 24 per cupcake mini flavour)
  • Custom Cupcakes. Custom cupcakes/fondant cupcakes are priced on application
  • Dessert Cup Sizes. Dessert cup sizes are small (40ml), medium (60-70ml) and large (80-90ml)
  • Transportation. It is important to remember that Bites By D cakes and desserts are delicate and perishable. To ensure their quality is not compromised during transportation, we recommend that you keep your boxes flat at all times and avoid placing it in direct sunlight. The floor or boot of your car is the best place, never on the back seat and ensure your boxes are secure and will not slide around. Once your cake/dessert is in your care it is important to follow these instructions, as Bites By D will not take responsibility for any damage incurred during transportation. 
  • Storage & Shelf Life. To ensure your cakes/desserts remain in optimum condition store them at 3-5°C. If stored correctly they will look and taste great for two days, after that time you may see some deterioration to the exterior finish but they will still be delicious for another three days. 
  • Cakes, Cupcakes, Macarons, Donuts. Are best stored in the fridge however are best eaten at room temperature.
  • Nuts & Other Allergies. Please be advised that due to the warnings on some of the ingredients used at Bites By D there may be traces of nuts, soy or wheat products in all of our products. 
Please note all of these products and prices are subject to change and availability.

Catering Inquiry/Order Form

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